Armed supporters of the Mullah have been going through the city forcing traders to close their shops. The police say they are trying to control the situation but have no idea of who killed the Mullah. The police say four unidentified gunmen opened fire on his car with automatic weapons. He was just a scholar and had no enmity with anybody Jamal Abdul Nasir Immediately after the killing, about supporters gathered to protest at the religious school where the Mullah used to teach. They threw stones at passing vehicles and burned tyres, blocking traffic in the city centre.

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I always considered myself humbled and meek while walking on the path of Allah SWT. Now I hand over the guardianship of Khilafat to you. May Allah SWT help you to perform this duty and bless you with strength to fulfill its obligations. If you read it carefully, it clearly says that, holding a position of Ijazat-oKhilafat does not prove that you have capabilities and skills to serve on this position.

However, you should consider yourself inferior than your followers and you should try to attain higher levels of morality and capabilities through persistent hard work and Mujahidah. The real objective is to attain the state of total surrender and complete submission to Allah SWT.

Thus, the real wealth of a man in this discipline is to achieve a quality of being completely surrendered before his real beloved Allah SWT by giving up all wills and plans.

You should do constant efforts to train yourself for perpetual remembrance of Allah SWT , to keep yourself punctual in daily routine duties, and to purify and reform your inner self Nafs against sins and bad deeds. You should never ignore or give up such efforts. After Masnoon salutations and greetings, I would like to acknowledge your religious services, especially Salook-o-Ihsan excellence or perfection of conduct in the way of Allah SWT.

Although the permission from Hazrat Ludhianvi Shaheed Rahmatullah Alaih is good enough for you, I would like to attain blissfulness by granting you permission to practice spiritual authority in all four Sufi orders linked to my Hazrat Shaikh Rahmatullah Alaih. May Allah Karim assign you duties in His way and accept your services. Please remember me in your prayers.


maulana muhammad yousuf ludhianvi



Boltay Haqaiq By Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


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