Treacher-Collins syndrome Treacher-Collins syndrome Treacher-Collins syndrome also known as mandibulofacial dysostosis is a congenital present at birth condition affecting the bones and tissues in the face. Early in pregnancy, the cheekbones, jaw and eye sockets do not develop properly. This causes a characteristic appearance, with downward drooping eyes and a small jaw. What causes Treacher-Collins syndrome? Treacher-Collins syndrome is a genetic condition, caused by a mutation change on a specific gene. These genes are responsible for the formation of proteins that play an important role in how bone and tissue cells develop early in pregnancy.

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Estos hallazgos muchas veces dictan que el dentista debe hacer ciertas alteraciones o modificaciones en el curso normal del tratamiento, consultar a varios especialistas dentales y trabajar con ellos, y ser un miembro integral de un equipo de profesionales de la salud de muchas disciplinas de la medicina con el fin de lograr resultados seguros, efectivos y predecibles para el paciente.

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Treacher-Collins syndrome



Síndrome de Treacher Collins: características, diagnóstico y tratamiento


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