Unit is flange mounted for easy mounting to a flat conductive surface. Coaxial units block DC and are designed for single transmitters from 1. Mounting screws included with unit. Be the first to review this product. Authority on Lightning and Surge Protection PolyPhaser leads the market with its patented RF protection solutions, specifically supporting communications systems. Based on its extensive experience with multi-stage surge protection, PolyPhaser continuously expands its product offering to support the needs of advanced network applications with technologies such as DC Block DC Pass and Ultra Low PIM.

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PolyPhaser Coaxial Lightning Protectors are designed for general, single-transmitter use in the 1. PolyPhaser protectors are available in two mounting styles: "Bulkhead Mount" protectors have a longer connector and hardware to mount it through the grounding panel. These protectors appear as a DC open between surge and protected ports and offer industry-standard protection. PolyPhaser protectors are suitable for all types of antennas, even "floating" antennas that are not DC grounded.

With PolyPhaser DC Blocked protectors, any slow voltage build up from wind driven rain, snow or dust, will not get to the equipment. As the protector reaches threshold for turn-on in a dc blocked circuit, it will go into a momentary soft turn-on as the gas barely ionizes and bleeds the static charge to ground. This does not create noise since it will not get to the arc mode and lasts only a short time. Note: Whenever the DX Engineering "Documentation" tab is available, please look at the associated files for additional product information.

Trusted by Amateur Radio operators for over 40 years, PolyPhaser Coaxial Lightning Protectors are ready for your antenna system installations. They are available here, at DX Engineering.


Polyphaser IS-B50LN-C2 PolyPhaser EMP 1.5MHz-1000MHz



Polyphaser IS-B50LN-C2 Coax Lightning Protector 125 MHz-1 GHz


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