The goat in the story belongs to his sister Pathumma. Basheer begins the novel with an alternative title for the book, Pennungalude Buddhi The Wisdom of Women. Only occasionally did he return to his home at Thalayolapparambu, with the intention of penning down his thoughts in interludes of tranquility. Next to the house where he grew up, in the same compound, he had a walled-in plot with a small house. He built this retreat himself, and around the house he planted a garden.

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Language[ edit ] Basheer is known for his unconventional style of language. Initially, even his publishers were unappreciative of the beauty of this language; they edited out or modified conversations. Basheer was outraged to find his original writings transcribed into "standardised" Malayalam , devoid of freshness and natural flow, and he forced them to publish the original one instead of the edited one. Once while reading one of the stories, he asked Basheer, "where are aakhyas and aakhyathas elements of Malayalam grammar in this?

Basheer shouted at him saying that "I am writing in normal Malayalam, how people speak. This points out to the writing style of Basheer, without taking care of any grammar, but only in his own village language. Though he made funny remarks regarding his lack of knowledge in Malayalam, he had a very thorough knowledge of it.

Love, hunger and poverty, life in prison are recurring themes in his works. There is enormous variety in them — of narrative style, of presentation, of philosophical content, of social comment and commitment. Politics and prison, homosexuality, all were grist to his mill. The major theme of all Basheer stories is love and humanity. Even now it is not much different. It is only after I had written quite a bit, that I had opportunities to contact Western literature.

Buck , Shakespeare , Galsworthy , Shaw In fact, I organised one or two bookstalls so that I could get more books to read. But I read these books mainly to know their craft. I myself had plenty of experience to write about! I have even now! I am unable to ascertain who has influenced me. Perhaps Romain Rolland and Steinbeck—but even they, not much. There are poignant situations as well as merrier ones — and commonly both in the same narrative. There are among his output realistic stories and tales of the supernatural.

There are purely narrative pieces and others which have the quality of poems in prose. In all, a superficially simple style conceals a great subtlety of expression. His works have been translated into 18 languages. Hidden underneath the hilarious dialogues we can see a sharp criticism of religious conservatism, dowry and similar conventions existing in society. The film adaptation of the story was by P.

Backer in , with the lead roles played by Soman and Swapna. Paul brings out the beauty of this novel, and how it is different from run-of-the-mill love stories. The novel was later adapted into a film by Sasikumar , under the same name. Its protagonist is Kunjupathumma, a naive, innocent and illiterate village belle.

She falls in love with an educated, progressive, city-bred man, Nisaar Ahamed. Illiteracy is fertile soil for superstitions, and the novel is about education enlightening people and making them shed age-old conventions.

Velichathinentoru Velicham a crude translation can be "What a bright brightness! The book was later translated into English by R. It is a novel of sad irony set against a turbulent political backdrop. The novelist falls in love with a woman sentenced for life who is separated from him by insurmountable walls. They exchange love-promises standing on two sides of a wall, only to be separated without even being able to say good-bye.

Before he "met" Naraayani, the loneliness and restrictions of prison life was killing Basheer; but when the orders for his release arrive he loudly protests, "Who needs freedom?

Outside is an even bigger jail. I was shaken, unable to breathe. The whole world was asleep! My mother alone was awake! Mother brought a vessel of water and asked me to wash my hands and feet. Then she placed a plate of rice before me.

She asked me nothing. I was amazed. I cook rice and wait every night. Every night I did not turn up, but mother had kept awake waiting for me. The years have passed. Many things have happened. But mothers still wait for their sons.


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