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May 18, Passport to Survival with all the focus on sustainable food sourcing and the gloom and doom of predictors this book provides a good guideline for basic food preparation and storage. It also provides recipes and other foods beyond the main four featured on the jacket. Some concern is noted with in the area of emergent technology in the arena of food prep and storage-however, it is an excellent primer.

The book was as in excellent shape. A big thumbs up. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned by delet Mar 14, A book that everyone needs I have purchased many of these books over the last few years.

It is a have to own book. If your a person that realizes things are getting worse everyday.. It is about basic survival on an easy to store amount of food.

The Lady that put it together was way ahead of things. You can make it with these 4 foods and water. It might not look that fancy, but if you have ever been hungry or worried about feeding your people in the middle of a disaster, this is for you. Apr 08, Practical and useful This book has great ideas for establishing and using foods for storage. It contains helpful information for emergency situations. Best Selling in Nonfiction.


Esther Dickey

He saves money, invests wisely, carries medical and life insurance, subscribes to a retirement plan, draws up a will. For normal living, all this is important. Raising the warning voice that emergency conditions can be expected to arise-from unemployment, sickness, strikes, civil strife, famine, or war-the author urges families to prepare now, while there is still time, and tells us how. While touching on other aspects of survival preparation, Passport to Survival is predominantly concerned with food preparation, preservation and storage. With over recipes and a multitude of other hints, it shows how the principal foods recommended for a survival diet-wheat, powdered milk, honey and salt-may be used in normal times to provide experience for the cook and to supply the family with nourishing and appetizing meals. As a bonus, those meals turn out to be considerably less expensive than the customary American diet. A book with such a grim premise might be expected to be somber in tome.


Passport to Survival by Esther Dickey


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