In case if anyone wants to apply for a PAN card, it is compulsory to fill form 49A first as it is the application form. After downloading the form Click to Download from their official websites, one can submit it with required documents. And to complete the application, the applicant is required to pay some nominal fee and can get their new PAN card. Structure of Form 49A Form 49A is structured with 16 different components, makes it easier for the customers to fill their form. Let us discuss the components of Form 49A. Full Name — In this section, the applicants provide their marital status, their first name, their first name, last name, and their Surname.

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Whereas later one is for foreign citizens applying for the PAN in India. Those looking to apply for a new PAN card can easily get the form using the information in the post. Your application for the permanent account number will be received only in the revised application form. Have a glance at the instructions to download and follow the URL shared further. With the online application, it is quite simple to apply for PAN without the help of an agent.

Downloading the form will indeed save your time anyway. The form 49A should accompany the proof of address, residence, and date of birth. The later page contains all the instructions to fill up the form. If you know all the details to fill up in the form, it will save your time over applying for the card. You are provided all the complete instruction to fill up the form. The concluding page will show you the addresses of the UTI. You may send your application form for PAN card to the respective addresses.

Many of us face the issues of spell errors and typographical errors in the PAN card. It is still tedious to change the details in the PAN card. Hence downloading the forms and instructions will help you to avoid mistakes in your document.

You will also come across many unofficial sites to download the form 49A. But be sure that we direct you to get the forms from the official websites. This will allow you to have the latest or revised versions of the form.

Besides, it is also serving as a powerful proof of identity. It is important to keep all the details updated in your PAN card. These tips will help you a lot in keeping your PAN card error-free. Make sure that you select the category as individual before applying for your personal PAN card. Verify all the details accurately after filling up the form. Make sure that the spelling of your name match with the ones mentioned in your other proof of identities.

Send the form and documents to the respective address to reach before 90 days. The 90 days apply from the date of the application. Fill up the form 49A in the block letters. Sign across your photo in a manner that it does not make your photo illegible. PAN card applications are classified into two types according to the citizenship of the applicant.

If you find any error in your PAN card, no need to worry.


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