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The standing joke in the business is a lift truck technician coining the saying "Pay me now, or pay me later," because it generally costs more to procrastinate when it comes to forklifts. Like for instance, the minor fixes that go unrepaired could eventually turn into costly repairs. Tilt Cylinders If they are not checked, oil leaks are a very serious issues.

Oil leaks could cause extremely dangerous uncontrolled movement of the mast. Whether the leaks are external or in the cylinder, the outcome can lead to loss of vital fluid and cylinder drift.

When damage or leaks are detected, you normally will need to replace the seals or the complete cylinder assembly. Frequently check a chain wear gauge in order to monitor the wear. If the chain is rusted or worn beyond 2 percent, it is time to replace the chain. Following these guidelines will help keep your machinery running optimally. Mast The mast has to be moving smoothly up and down when utilizing the lift control lever.

Be sure to check to see if the mast is tilting backwards and forwards in a smooth way. You might have to lubricate the mast strip sliding surfaces if the sliding surfaces are binding.

Lubricate their fittings also, since there is a fitting located on both sides of the inner mast. The lift bracket side rollers are another lubrication spot. Forks The forks have to be checked for damage, wear and cracks because cracked or worn forks can fail with out any warnings.

Of course, any damaged fork means immediately taking the truck out of service.


Manitou Forklift Trucks Parts, Service, Operator Manuals


BGI 504-37 PDF

Manitou M50-4 Manitou M50-4


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