Plot summary[ edit ] The story revolves around a girl called Prudence "Prue" King who lives with her bossy, often scary dad who loses his temper very easily, a sweet yet pressured mother and an immature but kindhearted younger sister, Grace. Her dad is very temperamental and he gets mad on silly things like art classes for Prue and he thinks going to school is an absurd idea. He insists on educating Prue and Grace himself while running a not so successful book shop. After much grumbling her father reluctantly decides to send her to Maths tuition but not to school. When her father finds this out it brings on a stroke. Prue and Grace go to their new school and find it a slightly scary place.

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Shelves: e-books , books-i-have , male-povs , romance , ya , must-read , new-adult , contemporary , 5-stars , reads Actual Rating: 4. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. Rachel is a relatable character. I thought her emotions were true and genuine. Mike is the teacher. I did feel anger towards him as he did not fight for her. Also, I have to say that Actual Rating: 4. Also, I have to say that this book was the surprise of , so far. Overall, an amazing read.

It must have been at least 8 years ago and it was first released nearly 15 years ago, so why did I choose to download it? Its stuck with me since I first read it. I think it stood out for me for two reasons. The first was that it was written by a male author, and at the time I hadnt ever read anything by a male author so I was intrigued as to how this would be.

Secondly, it was such a tangible subject, being a 16 year old girl at high school, I was the same age as I first read this years ago. Secondly, it was such a tangible subject, being a 16 year old girl at high school, I was the same age as Rachel the first time I read it and although our circumstances were not the same, there was always a possibility of a crush on a young teacher — I do recall a rather good looking PE teacher now I think about it. So in the last two years of high school I borrowed this from the school library a few times, and when I was considering what books to buy with my Christmas gift card this book suddenly came to mind.

This is the story of fifteen year old Rachel. She excels in English but when her teacher has a sudden heart attack and dies, he is replaced with a much younger, fresh faced teacher. Rachel is still in shock at first over the death of her favourite teacher but soon the school play comes up and she finds herself getting closer and closer to Mike, until close is too close.

Mike is a brand new teacher, he has been trying to secure a job to start building a life for him and his student girlfriend. When this opportunity comes up, no matter how tragic the circumstances, he snaps it up and is thrown in at the deep end with one of the top English classes - the top English class that Rachel is in.

Finding her at first stand offish he starts to feel attracted to her, although he is sure it is merely fleeting and that all teachers must feel this at some point he tries to ignore it. Until she kisses him. The story is based upon such a real and controversial subject. This is good because it allows you to step back from the story. Assess each side and how that fits with the overall issue — the relationship between teacher and student.

There is love between the two characters, and their relationship runs parallel to them both preparing for the school play of Romeo and Juliet. Is love enough to conquer the controversy and opinions on a forbidden relationship?


Love Lessons (novel)

He was born in Sheffield , Yorkshire and has lived in Nottingham since attending the University of Nottingham where he earned a degree in English Literature and American Studies. After university, he taught English and Media Studies in Nottingham before becoming a full-time writer in Since , he has worked part-time at Nottingham Trent University, where he teaches Creative Writing. Belbin began his career by writing Young Adult Fiction, where his work is known for breaking boundaries and dealing responsibly with difficult social issues that affect teenagers. One of these, Avenging Angel, led to his own popular series, The Beat, which followed a group of young police officers through their two-year probationary period, culminating in the adult novel length Fallen Angel in


Love Lessons


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