The nobles had previously been somewhat sympathetic to the cause due to their loss of privileges to the central government. Izquierda Comunera — Wikipedia Bravo is well known for his values of tolerance and cooperation. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Beatriz rated it really liked it Sep 11, Your name or email address: He followed Cisneros agressive policy against muslims elevating the level of violence. The most important political players in the region are the church,the merchant class,the guilds and the military orders. This institution has not been changed yet but some future reforms are being considered.

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Kazim The revolutionary government now had structure and a free hand to act, with the Royal Council still ineffective and confused. The comunidad of Sevilla claimed all to itself as they hosted el consejo de las indias. Fonseca had to withdraw his troops, and casttilla event was a public relations disaster for the government.

The comunidad del condado de Castilla also contains the hermandad de las marismas which is a powerful alliance of towns,villages,wealthy men and merchants which acts independently,has its own fleet and defends its comercial interests even if it means to use violence. After the comuneros won the mostly catholic elite decided to not fullfil the treaty that the catholic kings had made with the last muslim emir to ls the religion of his subjects and decided to pursue a very agressive policy of executions,displacements and conversions.

As these comunidades were bigger than the old ones each county,town,village,city or episcolar city could send representatives. Concejos not only dealt with economic matters, but they also gave the administrative oa judicial acts legitimacy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Comunrra merchant class and the guilds held the most political influence in this comunidad 7. Finally in a sunny day at Villalar the comunero army faced the royalist army which was crushed due its heavy advantage with their numerous archabusiers.

Charles was brought up in Flanders, the homeland of his father Philip, and barely knew Castilian. To revitalize trade and commerce jews were allowed to live in the land and practice their religion.

The main economic activities of the region are agriculture and the comerce of their products. The main cities in the region are Ubeda,Baeza,Jaen and Cordoba. Najera a former kingdom became the border region between Navarra,Aragon and Castile and as such it became a trading hub of the northern region. Jose L Salano rated it it was amazing Dec 07, The main groups of influence of the comunidad were the university,the behetrias and the church.

Irene rated it liked it Mar 18, They are partially based on historical reasons but mostly to make them all even in power. Izquierda Comunera Salamanca hosts the oldest and most important university in all of the Iberian peninsula.

The university was considered by many the intelectual capital of Spain and the city had grown into a wealthy and powerful city with castjlla influence over Castile. Another project of his was to create a university in Granada emulating the renaissance university at Alcala al Henares Royal chapel The main economic activities of this region were agriculture and silk production.

Outside of Santiago the region is known due its seafish,fish and mainly agrarian society. From their leaders,to their economy and to its people.

Limiting gradually the export of wool to create local jobs. John, who maintained a base in Castile at the time. The dynamics of the uprising thus changed profoundly, as it could now jeopardize the status of the entire manorial system.

Peasants are all under behetrias de mar a mar 3. La republica comunera de Castilla a succesful comunero revolt Alternate History Discussion Each comunidad is ruled by a concejo who has a president and a regidor. Toledo is the spiritual capital of all of the Spains and represents the catholic nature of its people. The other part of the comunidad was a vastly agrarian area in which farming and agriculture were the biggest activities and were mostly poor outside of some pockets of wealth in Plasencia,Caceres comujera recently Trujillo.

Lists with This Book. Cathedral of Avila Statue of Juan Bravo The main economic ee of this comunidad are cloth manufacturing,jewelry production and farming. In the next chapter I had the idea of making a description of each comunidad to give some hindsight about them.

He was an ambitious person and his dream was to make his city the wealthiest and most influential one in Europe. This opened the door to different reactions. Much of the town was destroyed, including a Franciscan monastery casstilla a trade warehouse containing goods valued at more thanducats. Log in or Sign up. It is a land of contrasts as it contains vast mountain regions with huge flats in the south.

Economic growth created new urban industries and offered a route to power and wealth not tied to the aristocracy. The city has been recieving workers and artisians ever since. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Related Posts.


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