Encounter for adjustment and management of other implanted devices Parent Code Notes: Z45 Excludes1: malfunction or other complications of device - see Alphabetical Index Excludes2: encounter for fitting and adjustment of non-implanted device Z They may be used for patients who have already been treated for a disease or injury, but who are receiving aftercare or prophylactic care, or care to consolidate the treatment, or to deal with a residual state Excludes 2: follow-up examination for medical surveillance after treatment ZZ09 Coding Guidelines Factors influencing health status and contact with health services ZZ99 Note: Z codes represent reasons for encounters. A corresponding procedure code must accompany a Z code if a procedure is performed. This can arise in two main ways: a When a person who may or may not be sick encounters the health services for some specific purpose, such as to receive limited care or service for a current condition, to donate an organ or tissue, to receive prophylactic vaccination immunization , or to discuss a problem which is in itself not a disease or injury.

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The vast majority of the country needs and deserves to see a debate of ideas taking place, one concerning the situation, how to overcome it, and how to address the immense challenges we face for our future as a sovereign and independent nation.

Everything is urgent these days. The country does not wait any longer, it cannot wait any longer. The economic and social crisis, as well as the dysfunctional performance of the State and its institutions, has not only led the country to a dangerous weak and vulnerable situation, but it has also led the citizen to the limits of rationality, to being forced to do things that in our recent history were considered unthinkable just to survive.

This grim reality continues to worsen the quality of life and the self-esteem of the Venezuelan people. The issue is how, in which way is his disastrous government going to end, that is what is being negotiated at the moment by his international allies. The international powers supporting that extreme right faction begin to realize that, once again, just like in April , they were dragged into another failure.

They are also running out of time, the dynamics of their own internal politics and other international fronts divert their priority, so they need to adjust their strategy. Now, there is a new possibility, the conversations in Oslo, Norway. We have always reiterated that we support a political solution to the current crisis, better if it is through dialogue instead of war and violence.

We hope the Norwegian diplomatic efforts are not used by maduro, once again, as a way to buy some time, so that nothing happens, and that these are not torpedoed by the extremist sectors of the opposition that support the military solution.

In any case, the problem is that, just like it happened in the Dominican Republic, such dialogue is between power groups that do not represent the country. It lacks legitimacy. As far as the Chavista and Bolivarian sector is concerned, neither the madurismo nor its minister of lies represents it. They act on behalf of the faction that is clinging to power. This is a complicated process that is just beginning, but it has many enemies from both sides. I hope it prevails and it does not sink, like the efforts made by Pope Francis or those of the Dominican Republic.

Either way, the talks in Oslo could contribute to both power groups, on the same side of the coin, agree not to kill each other and how not to drag the country into war.

That, despite representing an advance, would be far from solving our issues. The urgent discussion is now how the rest of the society, the majority of the people, recovers their leading role in the conduction of their own affairs, safeguarding the political and economic sovereignty and moving forward in the reconstruction of the homeland.

Thence, the proposal of a Patriotic Government Junta. I have received comments, opinions, constructive criticism, and ideas regarding such a stance, and I appreciate it, that is what it is all about.

Therefore, I think some clarifications are necessary. The Patriotic Junta collides neither with the call for a Consultative or Recall Referendum nor with a transitional government; it does not even collide with the possibility of negotiations in Norway. The Junta is a transitory structure of government, while the Constitution and the full exercise of popular sovereignty through direct and secret vote are restored.

The country is in no condition whatsoever to go to elections at this time. Nor there are freedoms and guarantees for the exercise of politics, the debate of ideas, and the existence of political parties. There are not even possibilities to move around, there is no transport, there is no gas, there is no electricity, there is no water, there is no food, no medicines, and no money.

In the midst of this crisis and the generalized chaos, the social catastrophe and the economic collapse; in the midst of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, there are no conditions either to exercise the right to vote not to have sound judgment for the debate of ideas.

You cannot compel the people to vote by pointing a gun to their heads. Whoever does it would obtain a tactic victory, buy some time, have power over the spoils, but it would be missing an extraordinary opportunity to begin to rebuild the entire national political spectrum, gain governance in order to sustain the reconstruction efforts. Therefore, there is the proposal for a Patriotic Junta that manages to remove maduro from power and lead the country during a transitional period of at least two years.

It could be called transitional government, it could be enabled after a consultative referendum or through a civic and military action that deposes maduro. I have called it Patriotic Junta because it makes reference to the only successful experience of civic and military rebellion in our own history, with underlying elements that, despite the differences in time and conditions, are still valid.

It is the Patriotic Junta of Fabricio Ojeda, no it is no other. This Junta must include patriotic sectors. There is no room for calls to foreign interference or a military invasion, or to violate our sovereignty, or to disregard our Constitution, or even to maintain the madurismo in power. It is not the foolish unity, the foolish homeland. It is the unity of the patriotic, democratic, and popular sectors. The military needs to be a part of it. They do not only need to be a part of it, but they also have to be the guarantors of its validity and authority.

The Junta must be a collegiate body, based on consensus decisions and permanent popular consultations. It must have limited authority in scope and time: Two years to implement a humanitarian emergency plan, organize a Consultative Referendum, legitimize institutions, and hold elections.

Present a plan of return and reinsertion into the country and the workforce. The children will return to rebuild the mother country. The persecution and retaliation of the madurismo against oil workers and managers have had a disastrous impact on the country: the last report of oil production issued by the OPEC places us under Colombia, very near Ecuador, with only thousand barrels of oil per day.

Those represent million dollars per day of direct losses, over 42 billion dollars a year. A crime. There is no fuel for vehicles, food transport, neither both for the electricity sector and for industries. The same thing happens with the cooking gas. They handed over the gas of the Homeland, the Mariscal Sucre got depleted, they handed it over to transnationals, just as it happened with the gas of the Gulf of Venezuela, the Perla 3X.

Every day that goes by with maduro in power, he continues to act, desperately, destroying everything only to stay in power. Tyranny This discussion does not end, it cannot end.

We must fully and democratically participate in the future of the country. These are times for ideas and debates; we must join all patriotic forces for this ultimate purpose, for our children, the children of our children, for the future of the Homeland. We cannot leave it in the hands of chaos and misfortunes, of the tyranny, regardless of the group, because the sovereignty resides in the people.


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