The people of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii fascinate Ayla. Their clothes, customs, artifacts, even their homes—formed in great cliffs of vertical limestone—are a source of wonder to her. And in the woman Zelandoni, the spiritual leader of the Ninth Cave and the one who initiated Jondalar into the Gift of Pleasure , she meets a fellow healer with whom to share her knowledge and skills. But as Ayla and Jondalar prepare for the formal mating at the Summer Meeting, there are difficulties. Not all the Zelandonii are welcoming. Some even oppose her mating with Jondalar, and make their displeasure known.

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Shelves: read-at-your-own-risk , historical , so-bad-it-s-good , so-boring-it-s-boring , anachronistic-heroine , audiobook , hello-my-name-is-mary-sue , plot-what-plot , editor-wanted A Prehistoric Clip Show Okay, guys, that was really funny. Switching the novel with this fan fiction? Brilliant joke! You got me. THIS is the novel? Summary: Ayla and Jondalar return to his home.

Or cry thinking about how many trees this piece of sh! Or rage about the number of books that were rejected to make room on the bookseller list for THIS. Gone are any attempts at making Ayla a realistic character.

Gone are any attempts to treat the reader with intelligence. I would have given 12 days: that would be PLENTY to pick through the last four books, copy all the stories from there and paste them into this waste of paper, sprinkling a bunch of senseless research, bad sex, and Ayla Sue prancing around, telling someone off for their "bad behavior". You coulda fooled me! Ayla is the sexiest, most attractive, most intelligent, most competent woman that the world has ever seen.

She heals a stupid boy that was hunting rhino, and the Zelandani roar. Wanna know what she got? Know what that corresponds to? All he wants is for Ayla to remain flat on her back so he could pound into her all day with his massive dong. The only reason he turns down performing First Rites is because his massive dong would scare off the young virgins and NO ONE could take him all. It is an insult to call the other characters "characters". Same with Joharran, the leader of the 9th clan.

Everyone else that would have made a shred of conflict for this piece of sh! And all the stupid poor widdle kids that Ayla has to rescue! And then the introductions! Here is just ONE introduction: "I am Folara of the 9th cave of the Zelandani, blessed of Dani, daughter of Marthona, former leader of the 9th cave of the Zelandani, daughter of the hearth of Willamar, master trader of the Zelandani, sister of Joharran, leader of the 9th cave of the Zelandani, sister of Jondalar of the 9th cave of the Zelandani, master flintknapper and returned traveler who is soon to be mated to Ayla of the 9th cave of the Zelandani.

That is how many times I had to read this. But no matter how relentless the pressure, by yielding to it, the girls became ultimately less desirable as mates because it indicated a lack of sufficient self-control. But boys? Oddly enough, there are only 3 sex scenes in this book. He even asks, at one point, if a baby nursing feels like when he does it. Jondalar wants to take her "right now" and can barely hold back.

Insert Tab J into Slot A. Fireworks, explosions, flowers fall from the sky, angels sing, deer dance in the field. I have a great aunt that used to write poetry about what happened to the family in the past year and force rhyme to death out of it and put it into her Christmas cards.

The poetry would be something like this: And Johnny did run to the store one day To say hello to his Aunt May And what do you think should happen there? He found a cute, adorable, cuddly bear! THAT is better poetry that this horrible mess. Sandra Burr has been doing an amazing job narrating these books and somehow managing to not burst into giggles during the sex scenes.

It is pointless, it totally negates all the tension of the last four books, wondering and worrying if Ayla would be accepted into the Zelandani. So my advice? Only one book to go! Can I make it? It sounds like you have a great talent for getting an idea and history of making a book from prehistoric years. It sounds like you really love how an idea should be presented and developed and carried out. I will keep checking to find your novels.


The Shelters of Stone

Ayla was raised by Clan Neanderthals , known as "flatheads" to the Zelandonii and viewed as no better than animals. For the Zelandonii to accept Ayla they must first overcome their prejudice against the Neanderthals. Luckily for Ayla and Jondalar, some of the higher-ranking Zelandonii already have doubts of this misjudgment. Two of their number, Echozar and Brukeval, are of partial Neanderthal ancestry and are ashamed of it.



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