He has written more than a dozen and a half books which have collectively been published in hundreds of thousands. Moreover, alongside other books of Abu Yahya, this book has also been published from outside Pakistan in urdu and other language too, leaving aside the illegal printing of the book inside and outside of the country. Both these books are available free in the form of E-Book and are available on internet. Following the Arab tradition he adopted the patronym Abu Yahya and published his book under the same name to which Allah Almighty granted the great repute. He also has received M-Phil in Social Sciences.

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Shelves: freebies-and-bargain-books , inspirational 4 This book is a religious fiction exploring what happens when life begins again after the end of the world as we know it. The story was fascinating, informative and absorbing and strange mixture of fiction with religious predictions about the day of judgement and the life to come. All of this aligned with scriptures was eye-opening and very different.

Who would say no to never ending youth and a beautiful eternity full of perfection, beauty, grace and peace.

The downside is there is a reward or a penalty to passing or failing the test of life and its many challenges. The guides that will help you navigate the test are the prophets and messengers send by God. The saboteur is the Devil a. Humans are free to choose to follow their respective messenger from God or refuse and do their own thing. After death each person will know wither they passed or failed and judgement day which as as long as fifty thousand years is the ultimate day of justice.

Downsides: The writing style did not flow easily But the author and translator as explained in the first two chapters were already aware of this problem and decided to keep the formate close to the original Urdu story and include the religious text such as non English words and terms. But sadly, some new words were not explained properly and the lack of reference, links or an appendix means that the story is slow in places taking away some of the enjoyment.

One major sticking point for me was the gender inequality. God almighty is fair but man is weak and has many prejudices and sexism is right at the top.

I have looked at both sides of the debates on gender and now realise the issue is partly male ego and mostly Quranic Arabic terminology and lack of knowledge. The author himself admits that he does not have scholarly level of understanding of one or more of the different branches of knowledge within the religion. So ladies, Ask and you shall receive! Whenever I get a question that confuses me I try to look at the original sources and then use this as a base for my answers.

Now their claim is that men get this reward and not the women. Does this not include women? It must and it must also include Jinn.

Note the hadith is Hassan Gharib which is a hadith that has a sound chain but has come to us from two chains of narrators. We can understand this but if you look towards the rules in Arabic for the use of the number seventy, which precedes it, what follows must be a feminine singular noun.

This leads us to say that this hadith includes women and Jinn, for the above reasons, to have multiple partners in paradise.


Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi by Abu Yahya Pdf

It is a captivating account of the historical rise and fall of the Jews and its resemblance with the Muslims of today. In the main plot of the book, endeavors of the Satan were highlighted by depicting the ordinary house hold life and has practically been shown the intrigues of the Satan and satanic forces; the main story describes how he attacks the moral and religious foundations of the Muslims and try to destroy them. The book also highlights the sectarian discord which has disturbed the very fabric of the Muslims. It also highlights the need to revisit the sectarianism and open the debate for the revival of pristine Islam.


Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi By Abu Yahya Pdf Download

This book will refresh your faith in Allah and his meeting with you after death. The writer gave a comprehensive map of the coming world and new life in the form of an interesting novel. By writing this book, the writer changed the lives of millions. Now, it fits around the world through its compatibility and truthfulness. Abu Yahya is a scholar and writer who is creating a movement among the people to change their lives. He did masters in computer technology and Islamic studies.


Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi / جب زندگی شروع ہوگی




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