Introverts gain energy and power through reflection and solitude. Our culture, however, is geared toward the extrovert. The pressure to get out there and get happier can lead people to think that an inward orientation is a problem instead of an opportunity. Helgoe shows that the exact opposite is true: introverts can capitalize on this inner source of power. No kidding.

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January 1, Abbey This book describes my inner life so well and so compassionately that it feels as if I finally find myself defended and acquitted before a jury and culture of extroverts. It makes me feel valued for my strength of a contemplative, observational life rather than being misjudged as snobbish, socially withdrawn, or too bookish. Until we have time for a meaningful conversation, please leave me alone.

If you are an introvert, or know an introvert, this book is a must read. I always thought I was in some small minority. This book If I could have given this book ten stars, I would have. I am comfortable in my own skin. I have actually had people ask me if I got bored or scared while camping alone.

No, why would I? To be alone walking a trail with just me and my dog is pure heaven. Travel is especially wonderful, because you can be completely yourself and just view the world around you. The author towards the end of the book said, "Introverts have remained introverts despite incredible pressures to adapt.

Wonderful book and I highly recommend it! Not that I ever tried to fit in This is not a self-help book. There are no formulas. This is about acceptance, thriving and celebrating who you are. I truly never met anyone like me: who dislikes parties, chit chat and hanging out with many friends.

No wonder I opened a bookshop now closed, unfortunately. I placed myself in a position where I could connect with who people really were and get to talk about books. I have kept some in my close circle of friends, of course. They know who I am and accept me fully. I feel like giving the author a hug right now.

I might edit this later. January 1, N. I really think it widens the gap Well,although i like to believe those assumptions, but most of them are not true.. January 1, Xueting I owe a ton of thank-yous to the author, Laurie Helgoe. This book surprised me by being more than what I wanted out of a "self-help book" about my introversion - it helped me to understand myself and it helped me to love myself better.

I never fully understood why I felt bored or withdrawn during some conversations, why a rush of activity and movement seems to flood me so badly I actually panic, or why I crave alone time a lot, apparently more than most people aka more than I should And I owe a ton of thank-yous to the author, Laurie Helgoe. And worst of all, why I feel so painfully guilty about feeling those things.

Thank goodness I found this book! Enough said about introverts not liking to go to parties, mate, it did my head in. I am not into the "you go girl! What did it do for me? Sometimes extroverts appear as lava dribbling monsters that enjoy torturing us and making our lives hell. There are loads of people out there, introverts and extroverts, and anything in between there must be people in between!

Such is life. However, useful insights there and food for thought. The writing is lovely, very rich, literary at times and inspiring all the way.

So, go, girl! For anyone who has wanted to retreat from the hectic pace, blaring noise, assault of advertising, and the "American" culture ceaseless activity - this is the book for you. It was like finding an old friend and myself at the same time. In an increasingly public society, the emphasis shifts from quality to visibility; from good products to good marketing; from knowing to being known.

If I could buy this book for every single person I know, I would send it to them today. You will not be sorry. January 1, Liz Quite an informative and enthusiastic book. It is encouraging introversy and explaining to a person what makes an introvert.

But one should realise that it should be not about introverts vocalising their opinions and issues but about making our society less Quite an informative and enthusiastic book. But one should realise that it should be not about introverts vocalising their opinions and issues but about making our society less extrovert-centred. January 1, Beth A. I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked some of the concepts Helgoe focused on, like accepting your introversion and noticing the good things about it.

Another idea I thought was valid was that you should be honest when you decline an unwanted invitation. If you make up excuses and say you really want to go, you will get more invitations. They left me uncomfortable with their psychobabblish feel. An example of that is when she asks you to visualize and write about your ideal "retreat" and a "dream room. Natural Work, and Birthdates vs. I am glad I read it. I liked some of the ideas, it gave me some things to think about, and it will probably affect the way I handle some situations.

Mute means the invitation is still open, and continued talk assures that the introvert remains mute. The extrovert just assumes the introvert had nothing to say, and moves on. I always knew that I was different from my peers, who always took pleasure being alone.

I remember when I was growing up, I use to always go the park or walk around the neighborhood. I love solitude, being alone with my thoughts is the perfect way to spend my evening. Dislike parties or large gatherings, but prefer to be in the company with my closest friends. I am rarely bored alone, it is only with the presence of people when I feel so overwhelmed with the stimulation around me.

Thoughts on the book: This book was similar to Susan Cain book, but not in totality. I read countless of articles on introversion so most of the details were rehearsed from something I read already.

If there is one thing that I disagreed about is that introversion is a preference. I personally think that it is in your DNA. It is something that you are born with, not something that you chose to do. However I do think that you can choose to behave extroverted for a limited of times, such as karaoke or things similar to that. Additionally, I did not really like the tips on how to survive conversations with an extrovert.

Simply because every introvert is an individual first, what might work with someone else, may not work with you. Nevertheless the book did define that everyone is different, including misconceptions about other introverts.

It was a good book, repetitive at times but a broad understanding on introversion. January 1, Rosemary This book had could have been written about me, a lifelong introvert. The author "gets" me. Descriptions, examples, thoughts, and feelings are right on target. Most importantly, I learned that it is okay to be an introvert.

My strength is drawn from solitude, the company of one or two people at a time, my pets, my books, my interests.

I will be buying my own copy of this book, reading it This book had could have been written about me, a lifelong introvert. I will be buying my own copy of this book, reading it was liberating. January 1, Shira and Ari Evergreen Introvert Power is a self-help book about celebrating your introverted identity and recognizing its strengths, instead of trying to be more extroverted and running out of energy, or becoming a hermit - the typical introvert responses to social overstimulation.

Helgoe argues that while many cultures demand that we behave in very extroverted ways, many of us secretly wish we could take a little time out to ourselves - to engage in thinking and wondering and daydreaming, writing or reading or gaming or doing math, and otherwise reveling in quiet intimacy, or solitude. Where "Quiet" focuses more on explaining and justifying our character traits and preferences to extroverts, and "Introvert Advantage" focuses on helping us introverts to fit better into our extrovert society, this is a big, juicy permission slip for you to celebrate your introversion.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt bad about not being more "fun", "extroverted" and "outspoken". But I will say that the author understands us introverts.

Sample: Extrovert: How is your day going? Introvert: taking the question in, thinking Extrovert: I have had the craziest day Introvert: Yeah? Introvert: Yeah. Oh, I gotta get going. See ya! The author says that half the U.

She offers lots of tips for specific situations: parties, work, home life, etc. January 1, Rose Initial reaction: Considering I read this in one sitting shortly after being accepted for the galley, I devoured this book.


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