However, agree as to what that origin is, and in any case they are all wrong, as they always put that origin somewhere between sixty and seventy years ago, whereas in The Balance, an American periodical, of May 13, , we read that: "Cocktail is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters — it is vulgarly called bittered sling and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion. Historians have been misled by the word "Cocktail" into imagining that it was once in some way connected with the plumage of the domestic rooster. But this is not so. The true, authentic and incontrovertible story of the origin of the Cocktail is as follows: — Somewhere about the beginning of the last century there had been for some time very considerable friction between the American Army of the Southern States and King Axolotl VIII of Mexico.

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Its no mean feat to remember hundreds of extraordinary cocktails, fortunately you can find in the one location in the bar bible that is Savoy. Recipes synthesized from the 20s and 30s with the addition of Craddocks signatures are measured in Dashes, Glasses and Hookers retaining its Prohibition era feel. Part II of the bible introduces the reader to the world of wine covering topics of Champagne and Bordeaux and the fascinating history behind fermented grape juice.

The Savoy Cocktail Book is an industry staple and a compass for aspiring bar tenders. However, having a reference book without an index or way to look up a drink other than by name yields a major issue.

Also, numerous cocktails are the same ingredients in ever-so-slightly different proportions and possibly a different garnish; different cocktails these do not make.

Time for a drink! Aug 28, Jordan J. Andlovec rated it it was amazing I classic compendium of cocktails from the golden age of the craft. This edition itself is beautifully designed and fits the period perfectly.


The Savoy Cocktail Book

Born on 29th August, in Stroud, England, he would go on to cross the Atlantic, work at bars including the Hoffman House and the Knickerbocker Hotel, then return home, post-Prohibition, complete with a highly marketable US accent, reputation and passport. And the book he put his name to, a synthesis of American cocktails with those beginning to emerge from the new Europe, with sections from other contributors, is still a vital reference today. Gary Regan puts it rather more definitively. Craddock claimed to have mixed the last legal cocktail before Prohibition and jumped ship for Europe the very next day. When Ada "Coley" Coleman hung up her shaker, he leapt into the role of Head Bartender - a position that the American press noted with interest one New York journalist remarked that he had given him up for dead. Now that he was head bartender, Craddock promoted his role intensively.


Harry Craddock




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