He studied law in the first half of the s and lived in New York City between and , working as interpreter for the United Nations, and then tried to become a lawyer and then he realized that he wanted to be a writer. In he published his very successful first novel, La Verdad sobre el Caso Savolta The Truth About the Savolta Case , where he shows his ability to use different resources and styles. The novel is considered a precursor to the social change in the Spanish post-Franco society and the first novel of the transition to democracy. He describes the union fights at the beginning of the 20th century, showing the social, cultural and economic conditions of workers in Barcelona by that time. A year later he was awarded the Critics Prize.

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Gurb took the appearance of Madonna, whilst his commander keep changing his appearances due to specific circumstances and of course after consulting the Earth catalogue. His journey to locate Gurb, who is missing, also became a learning process on Catalan exotic yet complicated lifestyle.

I knew nothing about the city apart of their famous and super rich football club [again soccer is not an appropiate term:] FC Barcelona. Madonna Louise Ciccone a. Gary Cooper? Gary Cooper was one of American actors early in movie industrial history.

Cary Grant? Look above. The only difference is Grant was a British-born American actor who possessed a longer list of marriages and divorces. Pope Pius XII? Pius XII contributed to the rebuilding of Europe, and advocated peace and reconciliation, including lenient policies toward vanquished nations and the unification of Europe.

Admiral Yamamoto? Naval War College and of Harvard University. He was one of important figures in World War II history. Delia Smith? Delia Smith is one of the majority shareholder at Norwich City F.

Anyway, a friend of mine, Nicola or Niknak who is a Canaries -nickname for Norwich supporters just like her father Colin, once showed me a video when Delia cried out, well more likely screamed to the top of her lung, during the half time game against Citeh -a nickname made by some mates for Manchester City in Where are you? Come on! Niknak hates her, well she hates everything about the board and management and the fact that they loaned their good ground talents to other clubs and have mediocre players instead.

One good think Delia sacked Glenn Roeder who was responsible for all, well most, disasters occurred to Norwich City! Mungkin karena kesal dan sudah larut malam, akhirnya si tetangga memberikannya uang 2. Gurb dan komandannya, narator cerita ini, adalah dua alien dari galaksi berbeda, dan bisa berubah wujud sesuai yang mereka inginkan. Gurb menjadi Madonna, sementara komandannya selalu mengubah wujudnya sesuai mood tentunya setelah mengecek database penghuni bumi.

Perjalanan sang komandan mencari Gurb yang hilang sekaligus menjadi proses pembelajaran kehidupan masyarakat Catalan yang eksotis walau rumit baginya. Sayangnya seperti yang disebutkan mas Ronny di reviewnya.


Eduardo Mendoza



Sin noticias de Gurb


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