Are you excited? I know that I am! Polymer clay is the most shared community in the world, please do not ruin that by going against US copyright laws. Since the start of this month, I have been thinking, dreaming, and claying away dragons. So…I will only feature two of those dragons today using both for the tutorial. As per the announcement last week, your project for this week will be to create your own Wendyll dragon.

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Do you know what this means? Ok, well maybe not about her…. This means that every Friday for the next year, we will be talking about Christi Friesen and begining to explore her style, unique designs, and transformative journey into the polymer clay world and using mixed media elements to enhance our work.

I am so excited to be joining with you in this journey. This will ensure that no matter what you are doing, you never miss anything! I will do a brief synopsis and overview of the book we are going to be tackling for the month. I will also give you the list of projects that we will cover during the month, the homework you will need to do for the following week, the supplies that you will need to gather, and offer something special.

From ears, wings, tails and more her multiple examples to use or follow are great. There are infinite possibilities with clay and Christi allows you to explore what a Dragon ear might look like…feel like…or how it can change the overall appearance of the dragon itself. She places thoughtful and helpful tips throughout her book to help you get started. The book is well suited for begining sculptors as well as seasoned artists. Buy it here. Make this one completely different. Different eyes, nose, mouth, head shape, wings, tail, etc.

And this time…you are going to add arms or legs, or if you really want, add both! January 25th — Make A Dragon Sculpture Now that you have made two awesome dragons, take that knowledge and make yourself a Dragon sculpture. If you have an Etsy store, combine your regular motifs with it. You can choose to keep this project piece or sell it in your Etsy store. Allow it to sink in. Allow her dragons to inspire the dragon that YOU will make next week.

Let it sink in……and then after it has sunk in, gather all your supplies for next week. You might have to run to the store, so take a list with you … or you can shop online! Acrylic paint in a dark color I prefer brown, but my tutorials use both brown and black so you can see the difference.


Dragons: The CF Polymer Clay Sculpture Series



Christi Friesen’s Beyond Projects Sculpture Series – Book 1, Dragons



Christi Friesen’s Book 1 Dragons: Tutorial to Create Your Own Wendyll Dragon


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