Derr, Chiska C. Abstract Lichen sensitivity to air quality has been recognized in Europe for over years: recently Federal agencies in this country have begun using lichens as air quality bioindicators. This study presents the results of three different approaches to air quality biomonitoring using lichens: 1 a lichen community analysis, 2 an elemental analysis of lichen tissue content, and 3 the growth of removable lichen transplants. The lichen community and elemental tissue content analyses were part of an air quality baseline on the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska.

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Precipitations and mechanical properties of high-nitrogen austenitic FeCrMn-2Mo Behavior of Mater. Ultrafine grained microstructure and mechanical properties of med.

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Kim, N. Heo, Y. A, , N. J Hydrogen Energy, 40 Korean Soc. Korean Foundry Society, 16 , Kim, B. Choe, M.


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This dissertation is divided in two parts: the first part discusses the design of half metal using first principles quantum chemical methods, and the second part discusses the computational method for locating the stability limit of liquid and vapor states of water. First, we find that a fully conjugated one-dimensional infinite chromium porphyrin array shows half-metallicity when the local spins on the chromium atoms are in parallel alignment. The chromium porphyrin array does not possess spontaneous magnetic ordering, and the ordering should be controlled by external magnetic field. This ferromagnetic state shows a band gap of 0. Spin-dependent transmission functions of the oligomers of chromium porphyrin arrays sandwiched between gold electrodes for bias voltages up to 0. It is shown that the monomer does not have half-metallic property, and at least two porphyrin units are needed to ensure efficient spin-filtering.



Precipitations and mechanical properties of high-nitrogen austenitic FeCrMn-2Mo Behavior of Mater. Ultrafine grained microstructure and mechanical properties of med. Steel Symp.



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