Like and light can be homophones. Affricatives may be encountered in initial, intervocalic, and final position. Sivertsen considers that [ h ] is to some extent a stylistic marker of emphasis in cockney. These variants are retained when the addition of a suffix turns the dark l clear.

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These kits have helped me understand the dialect easily. All of the information is consistently and concisely presented, and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of these courses. Back in the Spring I did a play in a festival in New York where I was tasked with learning a Castilian Spanish accent in two weeks by myself. So I put you in my ear for two weeks, and eventually I got it!

I even got a lovely review about how I had nailed the accent. So thank you! I appreciate your work and will continue to use you when the acting gods call upon me to do so. I had so much fun learning the Upper Midwest accent. Thanks for the updates. Keep up the amazing work.

I admire your work so much. You have the best accent resources available anywhere online. I practiced with my uncle who has lived in London for the last 40 years and he thought my Cockney accent was convincing. I was in New England last week and it was fun to hear it "live. But similar Your work makes my work better and I appreciate it. I narrated two books set in Nantucket and the author also from Nantucket said my accent was great. I had you in my ear for two days before I recorded!

I first downloaded your AccentHelp guide when I was getting ready to audition for the lead role Billy in a play titled The Cripple of Inishmaan. So, thank you! I really like the logical, efficient way it progresses from one point to the next, giving plenty of practice along the way. When I get an audition with an unfamiliar accent I come straight to you. So, good-oh as dey say! I really appreciate it.

Accent Help is my go-to resource for accents. Thanks for keeping each program updated. Thank you. The Standard Brit program is great. Thanks for all your work. Best dialect resources out there! Thank you so much. As an actor who employs both regional and foreign accents, I have found your amazing offerings to be invaluable. Your tapes were a godsend, as I only had 24 hours notice of the audition. Although I lived in the States Southern Illinois for a couple of years and could do what I thought of as a passable Southern accent , it was brilliant to be able to fine tune on the basis of some authoritative material.

It has been 6 years since I purchased it, and rarely does one receive a free anything in this day and age. So I just wanted to take a moment and truly thank you for this!

I love your dedication to this. I love that you continually update. This is one of the many reasons I keep coming back to you! Thank you very much! I will recommend your company in my theatre society. By Saturday night, I was using two different Cockney accents during my game.

It was nerve wracking, but when I later listened to the audio recording of the session, I basically nailed it! All thanks to AccentHelp! Excellent product.

I used my second guide New Orleans this summer and was successful once again. It was a bit embarrassing that I needed help with my hometown accent, but it has been a long time since I lived there and I wanted to use a guide instead of family members.

Thanks again for your accent help. I moved to Chicago in and have never been able to get the accent quite right. I needed a mid-western accent for a commercial. Found AccentHelp on the web and gave it a shot. Great guidance and right to the point.

They answered all my questions and then some. Thanks for the help!! They are accurate, consistent and easier to follow then any other dialect course I have found. Thanks for all of your fantastic work. Thank you for the super prompt response! Your Texas download is fantastic! Thank you! It is very helpful to hear you talk about the comparisons of West and East Texas.

It really is a pleasure to find such wonderful materials. I did a Northern Irish accent for a scene my acting class, and I used your materials along with watching In the Name of the Father numerous times. My classmates were very impressed with my authenticity. Now I am doing a scene that requires a NYC accent, and again, your materials are my go-to.

Your service is invaluable: an affordable self-teaching accent aid that really works! FYI: I got rave reviews. Thanks for your help! This may seem easy to you, but dialects have always been overwhelming to me and I appreciate your intellect and ear. Actors should know how easy this is with your program!!!! I am an Equity Actor and am in need of accent help often! Rock on!

Thanks for your help. Thanks for the help. I have been using it since August last year and have been immensely improving my knowledge of dialects. Well done! I am extraordinarily impressed by your depth of detail, variety of speakers, and organization of material. Truly exceptional. The instruction is super clear, and the guide material is incredibly helpful.

Thank you so much! I will definitely be starting here first when I have new dialects to learn! Your southern and British RP packages have done wonders for my abilities, so thank you so much for that. Your website has literally saved my acting life in terms of performances, and the amount of teaching and resources are by far the best I have ever come across trust me, I have scoured every database I could get my hands on.

From being an accent I knew very little about, I now feel confident enough to use it in my audio book! Great service! Many thanks - will definitely recommend you! I need to quickly assimilate an accent when prepping for a new book and AccentHelp has proven the easiest and quickest way "in" to an accent - by far! I now have all of the audio files working and sitting on my mp3 player for on-the-go training. This is really good stuff, thank you so much for the help.

After I learn Australian , I will learn something different from you folks I have never seen any one be so detailed with teaching this, so I am very very thankful. I went home confidant I could muster one up since our program gives us a good training in the IPA. However, in looking online, I found myself at a loss in trying to find good audio samples to use as a base. Then I found your site.

I love all the audio recordings on this site, and how user friendly everything was, and within a few days of using the program, I left my audition having been praised for my dialect work. I recommend this program to all of my friends who are looking for more obscure dialect aides, and am now purchasing the Cajun dialect myself to get started on.

Thanks for making such great tools! It is wonderful to be able to immediately download materials - as of course you are aware, sometimes with auditions there is very little time prepare. I just had to share that during an audition where I was required to have a West Texas accent , upon completing my audition, the playwright said, "Oh, so you must be originally from Texas.

I will continue to use your service and recommend it.


British accents: NRP and Estuary English

While traditional RP is associated with upper class or upper-middle-class, NRP is just like General American much more democratic and free from class divisions. Yet, this is still a standard, which excludes using other accents that are present all around the world, such as Australian English, Scottish English or Hiberno-English. That is why words like oar and ore are homophones. The latter mentioned sound is often used in words like: sure, poor and your.


Estuary English

Have you ever visited London? I guess you want British people to pronounce words very clearly, and preferably also slowly! Of course this does not happen in real life. The easiest accent for you to understand, and the accent that many English learners try to learn when speaking English, is actually not a local accent at all. It is the accent you will find if you look up the pronunciation of a word in a dictionary.

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