FAQ — Frequently asked questions We have divided up the frequently asked questions into sections based on the respective air treatment system. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, you can access the contact form or speak with one of our customer service representatives by phone free of charge. This value is also recommended by doctors. Helpful Not helpful Why is ventilation alone not enough to achieve an optimal indoor relative humidity level during the winter Room air becomes drier through opening a window because cold outdoor air cannot absorb much moisture. Only fresh oxygen enters the room through open windows. Though the air that makes its way indoors during the winter may be fresh, it does not contain enough moisture to humidify the warm room air.

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AOS Arrange cord so that it will not be the whole unit. Place ! Did you know that dry room air: your hands underneath the product to pull it out of the box The moisture of the mist can damage the floor surface 6 see Safety Mist outlet rotating Instructions.

Keep distance of at least 20 inches 50cm. The resin has to absorb water to reach high performance. If it is soaked in the tank, make sure to exchange the water and empty the Evaporation chamber water from the base before using the humidifier. The cartridge must be exchanged at the latest after 6 months or the unit does not reach its full performance anymore. Do not touch the water in the base during operation! Do not operate the humidifier when the water tank is empty!

When the water reaches the minimum level, the unit switches off the nebulizer function automatically. The red light comes on indicating tank is empty. Caution: the mist outlet is loose! The water is now running from the tank into the base. The red empty indicator light may stay illuminated for some seconds until the base is filled with water. Then the green light The appliance also alerts you when the water K L I M Symbol G shows the operating period that has been set tank is empty.

The empty indicator is illuminated symbol L. The Symbol L may stay illuminated for some seconds with a refilled tank until the base is filled with water. D Mist output regulating mist output M Cleaning indicator By repeatedly pressing button D you can control the mist output.

Caution — risk of electric shock and damage of the product! Use water only, no detergents Instructions for using are on the packet. Only use 1 packet for 32 oz of water. Do not change the ratio. The the product. Do not touch the water in 25! Switch off the unit first. Do not use any be removed for the placement in this product type.

This should Your appliance comes with a lifecycle indicator for changing be done once a week. If it is soaked in the ridge. This cartridge has to be replaced every 2 — 3 months. If white residue still forms around the device Page Technical Data Storing the appliance for extended periods Technical data Clean the appliance as described earlier and allow to dry thoroughly. The instructions for use are Dimensions LxWxH 9. Accessories Demineralization cartridge airoswiss.

Page 15 General Humidifier Questions Q. Why do I need a humidifier when I can just open Q. There is no fill-line on the water tank, how far my window? The moisture level within the outside air is not high A.

There is no fill line on the water tank, and it may be A. How often do you run the unit? If the unit is only run at enough to humidify a room. The colder the air the less Page 16 placed at least 3 feet off the floor, the mist will have the Q. Tank is leaking opportunity to evaporate before hitting the floor. The cleaning light does not automatically reset. Hold A. Check if there are any hairline cracks.

Dropped units or down the power button button A in instruction manual water tanks that are cracked will not be covered under Q. Water does not go into the tank. The light automatically the warranty. Please contact the retailer the unit was A. In order to fill the tank, it must be turned upside down. The cartridge is placed on the water tank cap.

Do not Q. The hygrometer on unit reads a different humidity Q. Placing the face in the mist pour water in the tube which is the mist outlet. Page 17 Q. Water tank cap is too tight to unscrew ded cleaning and descaling solution.

Do NOT use any A. Depress the spring on the bottom of the duct. Any use of cleaning solutions apart from EZCal water tank cap to release air from the water tank. Instructions for using are on the Continue to do this until you are able to unscrew the packet.

Only use 1 packet for 32oz of water. Do not water tank cap. Unit is running intermittently. This can cause damage to the product and voids the A. Thorougly rinse the base with potable water ridge were replaced?

However EZCal is available at selected retail stores. Accessories Q. Do I need to keep any parts before I replace the demineralization cartridge? Page 18 Please check our website www.


Clean and healthy indoor air is more important than ever!

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