Start your review of Beyond Bodybuilding Write a review Shelves: strength-and-conditioning , sports Pavel Tsatsouline is one of those guys who produces stuff I like, backed by marketing I usually hate. On the other hand, I cannot deny that he has put out some good stuff, and Beyond Bodybuilding is no exception. This is not so much a book as a collection of articles, many of which first appeared in Muscle Media. The book is divided into eight sections, covering power training, training Pavel Tsatsouline is one of those guys who produces stuff I like, backed by marketing I usually hate.

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Complete Beyond Bodybuilding Index In Beyond Bodybuilding, you get the essence of most-all of the strategies, tips, routines and fine points Pavel has developed over many years for the elite men and women of the strength game. Now, with Beyond Bodybuilding, there are simply no more excuses for not excelling in strength, continuing to gain, continuing to reach new heights in your performance.

What are these key principles? The already highly skilled amongst you will find a treasure trove of new strategies for elevating your game. After all, give a consummate professional the correct adjustments at the correct time and they can surge forward in their gains… give a championship caliber team the right coaching tips and they can win it all… For the regular bodybuilder or strength athlete, Pavel gives you the ultimate road map for progress and success.

Simply fill out the form below and put Beyond Bodybuilding paperback to work for you right now. Go ahead and try it today. A small victory here, a setback there, a sudden breakthrough, another setback, another breakthrough, a long stalemate, another breakthrough… it never ends!

And many of us simply give up from sheer frustration. And Pavel has trained thousands of troops and police whose life might depend on his tips… hundreds of athletes and martial artists with the chance to achieve their dreams thanks to his advice.

But you also need to know how to feed it, maintain it, make it happy, care for it, sensitize it, protect it… yes, all that good guy nice stuff too. Pavel steers a path for you through the minefield… Now, you can stop butting your head against the wall and stride through the door Pavel has opened for you… The already highly skilled amongst you will find a treasure trove of new strategies for elevating your game.

Experience a new level of confidence as your power does the talking for you…. Find it in your sound system! Page 2 Plateaued? Burnt out? Page 3 Big muscles, alone, make a big sissy. Page 4 Are you resting enough? Page Stuck on your bench press? How the surprising addition of a piece of wood can help you blow through your current plateau. Page 12 Hardgainer? HIT not working for you? The four simple steps for best strength gains. Know how to handle these two nuclear-powered rivals to your own advantage.

Page 24 When all else has failed! Page 26 Large muscles, but not much strength to show for it? Find out why and how to fix it!

It can cost them a championship! The critical error even elite lifters can make -- and the special technique to end this problem and surge forward with your strength gains. Page 28 Be as strong as an ox! A famous trapeze artist warmed up just two one-armed pullups per arm. This crash course in the neuroscience of strength may alone be worth the price of this book.

Worried you are wasting your time with obsolete routines? Find out which ones work the best, now. Page 44 Feeling burnt out from heavy, heavy lifting? You have done it again Pavel. I love reading your stuff. Your books are never a rehashed You are a credit to the game Pavel. I am better for having known you. America, Mr. Universe and the first Mr. Should you avoid them? Should you just say no to pyramids? Actually, the answer is yes and no.

Find out why. Bench press stalled? Jump start your bench with this cool and effective routine. Page 50 Another great shortcut to strength-skill mastery. Page 51 Short on time, but still want to gain? Combine these two methods to still make progress. Page 52 Shoulders going nowhere with your military press?

Page 58 Weak ankles bothering you? This one technique will do a fine job of fixing ankle strength. Page 59 STOP! Could your muscle fatigue actually be ligament fatigue --setting you up for injury and failure? Know the solution. You only think you know the right way! Surprising recommendations from Russian scientists.

Relying on excess bodyfat to push up greater poundage? Every body part is covered and a blueprint provided for how to build and strengthen every conceivable muscular target.

The detail and description is tremendous. The mix between text and photos is spot on; the clarity of the exercise description leaves nothing to the imagination. Gaining strength but still not as lean as you want to be? Former Mr. Page Failing to gain? Page Want this too? How can this work? And how can you personally take advantage of thissurprising strategy for success? Got a head for figures? Pavel is one of those few people who can really deal in the science-meets-real world training area.

I would jump on it if I were you. You really need this book. Find out how, when and why. Page Are you a dissatisfied bodybuilder? Even thinking of hanging it up? This approach could breathe new life, vitality and progress in to your strength and mass program. Page It hurts so good! Want truly amazing lats? Then knock off your silly seated rows and lat pulldowns -- and get serious with the thumbless overhead grip pullup.

Page Want your lats to grow faster? Then stretch them! The single best exercise for developing huge lats. Are you about to disagree? Page Are bent over rows overrated? Would rather be made of iron or steel?

Well, iron can shatter under stress, while steel has superior resilience and take a beating. Here are his top personal exercises for loosening up a vulnerably tight back. Page Are you afraid of injuring your back when lifting heavy? It happens all the time!

Page Just say NO! Do you have scrawny or flabby legs? Few sights in the world are more unappealing! Page Do you really know how to squat correctly? Precious few do! Talk about thinking many moves ahead of us other writers, training modality wise!

Page Front squat killing your wrists and shoulders? Page The quickest way to master proper squat form.


Beyond Bodybuilding



Beyond Stretching : Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs by Pavel Tsatsouline (1998, Paperback)


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