His was an open project that anyone could modify, which became so famous that paradoxically it was produced by a large company, Artek, with the designer complicity. The proposal of self-designing works of art, to which more than 70 artists have adhered, tells something else. Art is not only one, it has never been one, its categories are multiple, today more and more. Cesare Pietroiusti, Integrazione europea, This project brings into play artistic practices that transcend the market, or rather that exist independently of the market even if they sometimes intercept it, plays with the idea of copying and questions what the function of art is. The question is not new, but at this particular moment it takes on another meaning.

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An evolving reading list highlighting critical voices in art and design Make this chair. The first of a series of writings from Ian Anderson analyzing the history, development, and significance of DIY practices. Read Autoprogettazione Autoprogettazione, a manual for producing easy-to-assembly furniture with rough boards and nails, is a widely referenced work to this day. Mari understood that through making furniture, one would gain a better understanding of how that furniture is made, be proud of what one has made, and think critically about how furniture is generally made and made from.

This volume documents his best-known and most typical furniture designs down to the smallest detail. The book contains working plans, measurements, detail drawings, lists of materials and instructions for the assembly of each piece, as well as historical information about each one. Purchase Design for The Real World One of the first criticisms of design to reach a major audience, Design for The Real World has been in print every year since the day it was released over 40 years ago.

Purchase Instant Furniture Stamberg provides instructions to assemble numerous low-cost, well-designed, easy-to-assemble tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks, and storage systems designed by Rietveld, Scarpa, Takahama, Mari, Saltz, and Stamberg himself. Purchase The Condition of Postmodernity Harvey describes the major underlying social-cultural and economic motivations behind modernism and postmodernism in a way that is thoroughly eye-opening.

All fans of postmodern art and design should read this to understand why you are drawn to postmodernism and how the ideals of the movement still permeates our lives in a major way. Purchase Design as Art Munari insisted that design be beautiful, functional, and accessible, and this enlightening and entertaining book sets out his ideas about visual, graphic, and industrial design and the role it plays in the objects we use everyday.

How do we see the world around us? Purchase Nomadic Furniture Papanek and Hennessey offer simple instructions for making beds, chairs, sofas, stools, and tables, using inexpensive and recycled materials. Nomadic Furniture attempts to address the increasingly dire need to identify sustainable approaches to living and enjoying life.

Purchase Design and Democracy In his lecture, Gui Bonsiepe outlines the content of Design and Democracy: "I shall present a few thoughts about the relationship between democracy and design, and about the relationship between critical humanism and operational humanism.

This issue leads to the question of the role of technology and industrialization as a procedure for democratizing the consumption of goods and services, and finally to the ambivalent role of esthetics as the domain of freedom and manipulation. Sign up to receive news about Self-assembly collections and content Email address.


Autoprogettazione? Ediz. italiana e inglese



Autoprogettazione 2.0



Autoprogettazione – Enzo Mari


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