This will allow the CCS to work with your vehicle. Can I install the CCS by myself? You can install the CCS by yourself. However, if you do not feel confident that you can safely install the cruise control yourself, Audiovox recommends that you have it installed by a qualified professional. This works out to at least 5 beads between the throttle connector and the servo cable end. The directions are included in the Installation Manual below Page 7, Figure

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Cruise Control Installation Parts List Throttle Connections Control Switch Installation Magnet Kit Installation Speed Sensor Installation Page 3 The Cruise Module makes "decisions" based upon speed,tachometer, and brake signal information. Disengagement and no-engagement decisions are based on the monitored information. In order to properly program the servo assembly, you will need to know the number of cylinders, the type of transmission manual or automatic , if your vehicle is equipped with a Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS , and if so, the number of Pulses Per Mile PPM , also if the cruise control switch is the open or closed circuit style.

Leave the servo in this area unmounted and route cable to throttle attachment area. Page 7 FIG. Locate your vehicle by make, model, and engine size in the included Reference Manual in order to identify the location of the VSS and Tach connection locations. If your make and model cannot be located, then the Magnet Kit must be installed.

Page 10 5. Locate the fused wire with switch connector included in the kit, and load the Brown, Green, and Yellow wires from the main harness into the 4 pin switch connector. Be sure to load the wires according to the color coded label on the connector, and press the terminals in fully until a click is heard.

Page Control Switch Installation Figure 1 Carefully cut-out along dotted lines and place on selected area. Use a file or razor knife to remove the material between the 2 holes. While travelling 35 M. Unit will engage when Set button is released.

When the drive shaft rotates, the magnets attached to it move by the speed sensor coil. This generates electrical pulses which are monitored by the cruise control. Page Speed Sensor Installation Step 6: While rotating the shaft, carefully snap one wire into one set of magnet slots.

Loosely wrap the wire to hold it in place. Snap the second wire into the remaining slots making sure the ends are nearly opposite the first wire, as shown in Figure 4 or Page 19 Audiovox Corp.


Audiovox CCS-100 Installation Manual

Way too much slack and the cruise may not respond at all and the chance of the bead chain hanging on something increases Grab onto the cruise control servo cable with a pair of pliers and pull on it. Should the throttle ever stick, pull in the clutch ccs then hit the kill switch. The purple wire from the cruise control servo must be connected to the positive side of your brake switch. Routing the Main Wiring Harness 1. Seal off the end off the vacuum line to the audovox with you finger.


Audiovox CCS-100 Manuals

Cruise Control Installation Parts List Throttle Connections Control Switch Installation Magnet Kit Installation Speed Sensor Installation

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