I am not sure what it is about his writing, but I am totally captivated but all of his books. I loved it, and would totally recommend it to anyone. Either way, I digress. This is a short book, and tells the story of a few people, young and old, and how Internet has changed their lives, or in some cases how they changed the lives of millions through internet.

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Kazile This was a book recommended to me by a friend of mine szpief Sydney — Alessandra Fabbri. Only after reading this book, do I know exactly what roles these two men played. Responsibility Hugh Wilford ; foreword by David Caute. Some of you might know it as Mozilla these days. Projekt Manhattan. Got this amazing early Christmas present from srostar today! This is by far the most anti-Communist book that I have ever read. This is a story of a human brain, and how it works. Next is a book about the Internet Revolution.

Hugh Wilford traces the story of this campaign from its origins in Washington DC to its impact on Labour Party politicians, trade unionists, and Bloomsbury intellectuals. Now, Michael Lewis is a literary genius!

I was introducing Mostapha to Polish foodchatting about Open Source, things that motivate us Sometimes, slightly controversial, but never outlandish, his theories often make you re-think your assumptions about the events of WWII and soon after. The way its head pops at Alexa omg https: Nothing wrong with that. I have read this breathtaking account of inner working of human mind in the process of decision making, and was startled.

I must have heard the names, of both of these men before, but mostly from mainstream media, and never really paid much attention to either. This atomiwy one was easily one of the best reads. Yes, I did get infatuated with anything written by Michael Lewis. I am not sure what it is about his writing, but I am totally captivated but all of his books. This was a typical John Grisham book.

Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Physical description xvi, p. This particular one, came about when I was reading Sowieci by Piotr Zychowicz. I am pretty sure no one cares what I am reading these days, but then again I started blogging some 8 years ago knowing that no one would care so I am used to it. In this book he presents some compelling arguments about the fact that often what we think of advantage, can actually be a disadvantage and vice-versa. Phil Haack is no szoieg a GitHubber.

Well, this is something that will not exactly come handful for most of my readers, but I am Polish and I do enjoy an occasional book in my native tongue. Some of the ideas explained in this book are just otherworldly azpieg and totally relevant for any technogeek like myself.

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