His life ended in an unsolved mystery. In he enlisted in the 9th Indiana Volunteers and fought in a number of American Civil War battles, including Shiloh and Chickamauga. After being seriously wounded in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in , he served until January , and he received a merit promotion to major in Resettling in San Francisco, which was experiencing an artistic renaissance, he began contributing to periodicals, particularly the News Letter, of which he became editor in Bierce was soon the literary arbiter of the West Coast. The Haunted Valley was his first story.

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Try The Karma Quiz Now!! After moving to England in , Bierce took forward his career, as a contributing writer for magazines like Figaro in London. In , his other book, Cobwebs from an Empty Skull, was published. He moved in the Dakota Territory from for a year.

He took a job as a local manager in a mining company owned in New York but left after the project failed. He has become the editor for The Wasp from for four years since He then became a distinguished writer on the West Coast after some other editorials and columnist works. In , he also had a compilation in Can Such Things Be. The short story compilations were also published in the Fantastic Fables and the Collected Works. Left OR Right?

Test Now! In , the couple separated majorly because Bierce came across letters that were sent to his wife from an admirer.

In , Bierce divorced Mary, who died a year later. One of his sons died from being rejected romantically. In , Leigh, his other son died of pneumonia. In October , Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce started touring battlefields but disappeared.

Silent films were made from his major works in


Ambrose Bierce

Luyster, Under pseudonym Dod Grile Cobwebs from an Empty Skull fables and tales; originally appeared in Fun , illustrated with engravings by the Dalziel brothers, Routledge, The Lantern, illuminated by Faustin, A. Wilcox, With Thomas A.


Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce

Als Mensch war Bierce umstritten. Zu Lebzeiten blieb er als Schriftsteller allerdings weitgehend unbeachtet. John Camden Hotten, London Collected and loosely arranged by J. Milton Sloluck.

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