Yozshucage And begin in perfect intention to honor towards the Name, may He be blessed. If you are wise you will understand the whole order from my hints. Think that in the coming hour your soul will leave your body and you will die to this world and you will live in the next world, that naje the source of life scattered amongst all living beings. Return to Book Page.

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Abulafia was unique amongst Jewish mystics in providing precise instructions for personal spiritual practice. These particular texts achieved a wide underground circulation amongst Jewish mystic elites despite a severe rabbinical ban on Abulafia promulgated by Shlomo ben Adret.

These techniques can provide short, liminal leaps into revelatory states of consciousness and the adept needs a kind of measured boldness to attempt this. Abulafia was an eclectic thinker who absorbed and adapted Sufi and even Yogic influences into his mystical toolkit. Translating Abulafia is an impossible task. Be one and special and isolate yourself without any other, and sit in the room or in the attic and do not reveal your secret to any man.

And if you can do this in a house that is a little darkened, do it. And it is best and fitting that you do this at night. At the same hour that you prepare yourself to speak with your creator, be careful to empty your thoughts from all the vanities of this world and request Him to proclaim his courageous victories to you.

And adorn yourself in a prayer shawl tallit and put phylacteries teffilin upon your head and arms if you can so that you will be in awe and fear of the Shekhinah who is present with you at that moment. And clean yourself and your clothes, and if you can, let them all be white clothes, as all this benefits the intention of Awe and Love very much.

And if this is at night, light many candles until they make your eyes shine very beautifully. And after this take ink, pen and tablet in your hands. And this will be a witness that you come to work the work of God your Lord in happiness and an innocent heart. And begin to combine letters, a few with many, and turn and revolve them speedily until your heart is warmed by their revolutions. And put your heart in their movement and what their revolution engenders.

And when you feel in yourself that your heart has been warmed very much by the combinations and you understand from them new matters that you did not grasp from human transmission and did not know them from yourself by intellectual effort, then you are ready to receive the abundance Shefa. And the abundance flows onto you and arouses you to many things one after the other. Prepare your true thought to depict the Name, may his Name be blessed, and his superior angels; depict them in your heart as if they were people, standing or sitting around you and you amongst them like an emissary that the King and his servants want to deploy and he is ready to hear from one of them the pronouncement of the matter of his mission, if from the King or from one of his servants.

And after you have depicted all of this prepare your mind and heart to understand in your thought the many things that will come to you from within the letters computed in your heart, and study all of them or their parts like a person who is told a parable, a riddle or a dream, or as one perusing a topic in a book of wisdom deeper than he can comprehend. And solve the matter that you will hear to the best solution and as close as you can get to it.

And judge yourself according to what you will understand from it, and do the same with the other matters in all that they will tell you. And this will all accrue to you after you throw the tablet and stylus from between your fingers or if they fall by themselves due to the plenitude of your thoughts and the multiplicity of your happiness.

And know that as much as the honorable intellectual abundance will be strong with you, so much so will your external and internal organs weaken, and your whole body will be engulfed in a very strong upheaval. Till you will think for yourself that in any case you will die at that time, for your soul will separate from your body due to the multitude of joy in its comprehension and knowing what you have known. Till you will choose death over life in your understanding for this death occurs only to the body cf.

Deuteronomy And in this cause the soul will live a resurrection forever and ever. And then you will know that you have arrived at the degree of receiving the abundance. And if you wish then to honor the honorable and awesome Name and worship Him truly in the life of the soul and the body, hide your face more and be afraid of looking at God and "do not come closer, remove your sandals from your feet for the place that you stand upon is holy ground" Exodus And return to the matters of the body, and rise from there and eat a little and drink a little and smell a pleasing fragrance and return your spirit to its scabbard until the next time.

And make your heart happy with your share. And know that the Lord your God loves you and is the One who teaches man to benefit him, and teaches you knowledge. Purify your heart and soul from all thoughts of this world. Think that in the coming hour your soul will leave your body and you will die to this world and you will live in the next world, that is the source of life scattered amongst all living beings.

It is the Intellect which is the source of all wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and it is in the likeness of the King of Kings, whom everyone is in very great awe of. Indeed, the awe of one who comprehends this is double, consisting of the awe of excellence and the awe of love. And when your consciousness comes to cleave to His Consciousness that produces knowledge in you, your consciousness must divest itself of the burden of all extraneous opinions, other than the knowledge shared between you and Him according to His honorable and awesome Name.

Therefore, you need to know the form of His pronunciation. And this is its representation. You cannot stop anytime ever during that breath until you have completed its pronunciation. Lengthen that special breath according to your power to sustain one breath as much as you can lengthen it.

And chant the aleph, and every letter you recite, with terror, awe and fear, coupled with the gladness of the soul in its comprehension which is great. The form of chanting in every letter will be in the image of its vowelization, and in the vowel cholam it will be upwards. When you begin reciting it face eastwards, not looking down or up. Sit wrapped in new or freshly cleaned white robes over all your clothing or covered with your prayer shawl tallit and your head crowned with phylacteries tefillin and your face towards the east from where the light reaches to the world.

And you have five directions in which to move your head. With the cholam you will begin from the middle, facing east, refine your thoughts, and raise your head slowly with the breath until you complete the recitation and your head is facing upwards. After you complete the recitation bow down to the earth once. Do not differentiate between the breath of the aleph and the breath of the letter that cleaves to it, apart from one short or long breath. But between the letter of the Name and between the aleph in the straights or between the aleph and the letter of the Name in the inversions you can breathe two breaths only without pronunciation, no more.

After completing every row you are permitted to breathe five breaths only, no more, but you can choose to breathe less than five breaths. If you changed or mistook a row in this order, return to the head of that row until you say it correctly. And in the image of the cholam attracted upwards chant the chirek drawn downwards and attract a supernal power to cleave it in you. Chant the shurek neither upwards nor downwards but as a central pull forward against the face in the center.

And with the tzere pull your head from the left to the right, and with the kametz from the right to the left. And in all of them upon completion if you see a form in front of you prostrate yourself immediately before it Genesis , Joshua If you hear a faint or loud voice and wish to understand what it is saying answer immediately and say "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening" I Samuel and then do not speak at all and lean your ear to listen to what it will say to you.

And if you experience great fear that you cannot bear, prostrate yourself immediately, even while you are in the middle of reciting. If you do not see or do not hear anything leave it for all of that week.

And it is good to recite again once a week in the likeness of "dashing to and fro" Sefer Yesira , Ezekiel for upon this foundation is the covenant made. And what else can I add that is not already known? If you are wise you will understand the whole order from my hints. And if you feel that your mind is weak in wisdom or Kabbalah or that your conceptions are full of the vanities of the time, do not recite the Name lest you miss the mark and add to your sins.

And know that between the table of the yod and the table of the heh you can breathe 25 breaths and no more, only if you have not stopped in the meanwhile either in speech or thought. And so between the heh and vaw and the vaw and heh only less than 25 breaths between table to table can you breathe. And as if you are the person who has written a divorce to all images of the lowly world, like that given by the person who makes a will before witnesses, commending someone to look after his wife and sons, giving his wealth to another apart from himself, closing himself off from all kinds of supervision and, transferring all responsibility from himself, has passed and gone away.

And after you do so put your face against the mentioned Name and imagine that a person stands before you and waits for you to talk with him and he is ready to answer you about everything that you will ask from him.

And you say something and he answers you. And this is the way to walk in. And begin in perfect intention to honor towards the Name may He be blessed. And say initially: "Take my prayer as an incense offering before you, my upraised hands as an evening sacrifice" Psalm And raise your eyes skywards, and raise your left and right hands in the image of the raising of the hands of the priest the priestly blessing , who divides his fingers, five from the right and five from the left.

And the two little ones the little and ring fingers close and cleaving together and the middle and index fingers near them cleaving. And divide in the middle and the thumb spread by itself. And then think that the one who stands in front of you as mentioned answers you. And you answer to yourself with a changed voice so that the answering does not resemble the question. And immediately lower your hands in a relaxed manner, which you had held up before the Name in the image of the ten Sefirot, five against five in the count of ten fingers, five from the right ones and five from the left ones, these to credit and these to obligation.

And for this put your left hand on your heart spread in five fingers and put on yourself your right hand spread in five fingers to denote the redeemer overcoming and conquering the defaulting lower, until he gave himself up and was conquered and confessed. And for this you should straighten your heart immediately and prostrate yourself before the mentioned considered form in your heart that is before you and she is the initiator of the answering that you answered, who impressed your heart to her as a throne and her name is "Angel of God" and she is the mediator between you and your Creator and his honor is elevated.

And after you did so for the first name straight, do more like it for the second name reverse and the third straight and so on for all of them.

And so after you pronounce the second Name and say the "head of the beginning" and answer YO and say another "middle of the middle" and answer LA and say another "head of the end" and answer YO and then prostrate yourself.

And do so for the third Name which is SYT SA YO TE and from the three names onwards if you wish to elevate your hands more, the choice is in your hands, and if not, do not be hesitant and pronounce the Names one by one as I have directed you. And their secret is in the arrangement of their movement. And if you are clean and whole in everything that I have instructed you about, I have no doubt that the Glory will reveal itself to you in a form before you so that you can know its power, or will bring you speech that you will understand is from Him, may He be blessed, and is not from you.

And what can I teach you, me or a thousand like me, what He will teach you in one small moment, wonderful wisdoms that we have never heard for ages. But that God has guided our hand in this way and commands us to warn you to repent. That is to say, if your heart runs, return to the place you went from as it is said "the beings dashed and returned and on this is founded the covenant" Sefer Yesira , Ezekiel And after we have notified you of the received way of pronouncing the Name of Seventy-Two and warned you to follow His ways and to calculate its matters and combinations, you have to know that there is no end to the wisdom of that honorable Name, but that He has many wonderful ways and this is one of them.

Jri I! Ohr haSechel. Jerusalem, Abulafia, Avraham. Hayei haOlam haBa. Sefer haHeshek. Jerusalem, Abulafia, Abraham. Light of Intellect. Providence University, Abulafia, Abraham. Life in the World to Come. Providence University, Betz, Hans Dieter. The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation.


Abraham Abulafia: Meditations on the Divine Name

The links open in a new window to abrabam your place here. Kindle Edition2nd. And if you experience great fear that you cannot bear, prostrate yourself immediately, even while you are in the middle of reciting. Meditations on the Divine Name To accomplish this, one has to be familiar with the Hebrew alphabet, the combination techniques of the Hebrew letters, and how to construct the Gates. Another meditative technique that Abulafia uses to spin the Gates and gain enlightenment also was linked the creation of the golem. Randy Baich marked it as to-read Aug 08, But that Fhe has guided our hand in this way and commands us to warn you to repent.


Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name






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